result from radon_demo_2.m

The figure illustrates multiple attenuation via the parabolic Radon transform. See radon_demo_2.m to reproduce the figure

SeismicLab is a MATLAB seismic data processing package. The package can be used to process small seismic data sets and, it is mainly intended for research and teaching purposes. Scripts to read and write SU data (the SEGY flavor used by Seismic Un*x) are provided. A particular feature of this package is that the SEGY headers are loaded into a structure that can be easily assessed by MATLAB.

  1. GNU General Public License
  2. Download SeismicLab
    [ SeismicLab.tar.gz | SeismicLab.tar.Z | SeismicLab.tar ]
  3. Add the script setpath.m in your working directory
    - download setpath.m
    - see setpath.m
    - try this one for windows setpath_Windows.m
  4. Edit setpath.m to reflect the path to SeismicLab in your system
  5. Start Matlab, run setpath
  6. Try the demos
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